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Spelling App is designed to be intuitive and simplified for children to experience learning at the touch of a button. Technology has been a striving part of the lives of recent generations, giving them the opportunity to have access to tools that will help them learn on the devices they use so often is a key advantage to the Spelling App. Test their spelling and learn yourself what your child/student is excelling at and what they need to focus on for the future.

The Word List is a section for you, the parent/teacher. Here you can add, edit, remove, save words to use during practice. A very simple UI greets you when you need to make these changes, adding a new word is as easy as tapping the addition '+' button, type the word you wish to add to the practice and press 'done' to finish to process. While removing existing words using the cross 'x' button next to the word, you can also edit a word instead by tapping onto the word itself if you need to.

To get your child/student set up in the Practice Screen, tap on the practice 'Practice' button next to 'Word List'. Here they will be given a custom keyboard designed for them, the word number, a scoreboard showing them in real time when they have a correctly spelled a word while also showing them the total words needed to complete the practice. A peek feature allows them to see the word briefly before disappearing, they can do this as many times as they need throughout the practice if they need any help regarding the spelling of a word. Progress of their sessions can be viewed directly on the menu so you can see how your child/student has done in an instant.

To remove everything from a single session, the Reset function will come in very handy when you need a clean slate prepared for the next session forwards. On the menu screen sits an arrow '<-,' using this will remove the current word list and practice currently made, just like that Spelling App is ready to test your child/student's knowledge.

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